How to pay attention to the method of cycling and make you more heathy.

man-riding-bicycle-side-view.jpgBicycling is a good sport. Appropriate cycling can not only promote the metabolism of the body, improve blood circulation, but also exercise the muscle groups of the abdomen and legs, which is beneficial to physical and mental health.

However, if you do not pay attention to the method of cycling, sometimes it will cause damage to your health, especially the most common clinical cause is male prostatitis. The main cause of the problem of prostatitis is caused by incorrect riding posture. Especially those with high and pointed front seats, when the cyclist’s center of gravity is riding back, when riding for a long time or when the road is bumpy due to rough roads, it will cause continuous stimulation of the perineum, which will cause prostate congestion It will cause swelling and damage to the prostate after a long time, leading to the occurrence of prostatitis.

Therefore, to prevent prostatitis caused by riding a bicycle, the most important thing is to choose the appropriate bicycle according to your height, and adjust the position of the seat, to achieve a moderate height, and the bicycle seat is best to use a cushion The front of the seat should not be too pointed or too thin, the front of the seat should be slightly lower than the rear.

Work and rest should also be combined during the cycling exercise. Do not ride for a long time, but trim the following in a timely manner.

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