Precautions for oily skin care

beautiful 2150881 1920Oil control skin care products are the choice of many oily skin, but many people think that oily skin can only be improved by using oil control skin care products, in fact, this is not right. Oil skin is not only improved by using oil control skin care products. How to do well in daily care of oily skin?

1. Don’t wash your face excessively
On the contrary, do not wash your face excessively for oily skin. Do not wash your face many times a day because there is oil on your skin during the day. Wash your face once in the morning and once in the evening. When washing your face, you should choose a gentle product. It is not recommended to use the product with strong alkalinity and good oil control effect, because oily skin is often caused by water shortage. Excessive cleaning will cause more water shortage of the skin and make the oil out of the skin more serious.
2. Choose skin care products after confirming the skin type
(1) If it is pure oily skin, there will be a general oily face and large pores, and there will be no other complications.
(2) Slightly less serious oily skin and with acne, this kind of skin oil and pores are generally not too serious, it is accompanied by a few acne.
(3) More serious oily skin will also be accompanied by acne, the whole face looks not very good-looking, oily, and the pores are thick with acne.
(4) For oily skin with water shortage problem, although the skin always feels oily, it often feels tight, and some of them will desquamate.
3. Skincare skills of different types of skin
When cleaning your face, you need to pay attention to the skills. Wash your face with warm water, which is conducive to dissolving grease. Start cleaning from the T area, and then wash other parts of your face. Most people are T-zone oil, grease layer will be thicker. So clean the T area more carefully.
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The key points of different types of skin cleaning are not the same: the main purpose of oily skin is to collect pores and control oil; the skin with acne needs to mainly control acne; the skin with acne needs to choose skin care products with better cleaning power.

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