Sleep and Skin Care

woman-relaxing-in-spa-with-cucumber-slice-covering-eyes.jpgThe metabolism of skin is carried out at night. Sleeping soundly often has the function of adjusting body and mind and making skin shiny and elastic. People work for one day during the day, and when they fall asleep at night, their skin is still working hard.

The skin has a regular working rhythm. During the day, the skin is engaged in waste discharge. At night, it starts to supplement nutrition and repair itself to ensure the normal state of skin cells.

Under normal circumstances, skin metabolism is most vigorous from 10 pm to 4 am, so early to bed and early to rise can not only eliminate body fatigue, but also make the spirit happy and make the skin more fit, while staying up late will be detrimental to skin fitness. Drinking coffee or smoking at night is also the enemy of beauty, because it will make people excited and lead to insufficient sleep.

When sleep is insufficient, parasympathetic nerve function decreases, inhibiting gastrointestinal movement and blood circulation, thus making skin rough. Therefore, it is generally believed that 8 hours a day is the most suitable sleep time. Completely relaxed sleep can make the skin achieve the purpose of rest, thus making the skin fit and healthy.
In addition, the latest research results show that the real way to reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles is not through a variety of cosmetics, but through correct sleep posture. As long as you keep sleeping on your back instead of sleeping sideways, facial wrinkles will gradually disappear. Sleeping without pillows is better. Because when a person sleeps on his back, the facial muscles are relaxed. When sleeping on one’s side or on one’s stomach, the facial skin will be pulled or tightened. If the pillow is too high, the head will slide down and double chins will appear over time.

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