Some wrong maintenance concepts of oil skin

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Here are some wrong maintenance concepts of oil skin, I think those you should know.
1. Wrong cleaning and maintenance
It’s very important to know your skin. Too much oil, too much moisture, regular cleaning and other maintenance methods will cause too much burden on your skin.
In addition to selecting appropriate maintenance products, the basic daily cleaning can only be carried out once in the morning and once in the evening. In the daytime, due to the problem of oil discharge, only clean water is needed. Do not over clean.
2. Acne removal
In order to get rid of strawberry nose, many people will choose to pull out acne and other behaviors, but after removing acne, they often neglect to relax and calm. Because the pores open after pulling out acne, if there is no convergence of pores, the acne problem may become more and more serious.
3. Excessive use of oil absorption paper
Before dating, always take out the oil absorption mask and press it on your face, but overuse will make your face lack of oil, resulting in even more oil; however, if you have to use it, it is recommended to supplement some moisturizers after oil absorption.
4. Improper use of acid products
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There are many skin changing acid products on the market, but the improper use method and concentration may cause more serious injury. It is recommended to use acid products, and it is better to consult a doctor for proper skin conditioning.

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