Wash your hair a few days more healthy?

There is one thing very “normal”, but it also and physical health are closely linked, which was “Hair.” For normal people, how long to wash a head healthier? It will wash the hair too often accelerate hair loss? With the wisdom to treat the “wash” the issue, it is not as complicated as you think.

Wash your hair a few days more healthy?
It was entangled in “a few days to wash their hair,” and some people are her hair every day, but still feel the head more oil; some people thirty-five days to wash their hair, and also where there is no feeling uncomfortable.

In fact, a wise man, will not be too entangled “a few days to wash a head” issue. Fundamentally speaking, a few days to wash a head depends on the “personal skin” and not “the only answer.”

For the “dry skin friends”, the hair wash too often, and then, or the use of “strong alkaline soap shampoo”, it is easy to itself is not how much sebum membrane wash, resulting in hair quality and more dry, become more dandruff.

If your skin is “dry skin”, it is recommended that you can “wash once every twelve days”, but also in the choice of shampoo should favor when “moisturizing and gentle.”

On the other hand if you are “oily skin” to address the “sebum secretion,” the question, can wash once a day, wash diligent that there is no problem.

The hair, the more easy to wash more oil?
This is also a higher rate of a widely circulated statement. Hair oil and more, often itchy scalp, dandruff and other problems are all there is, “seborrheic dermatitis” performance, studies have shown “seborrheic dermatitis and color bacteria and other microorganisms colonization and infection of the horse.”

It is worth noting that the parasitic bacteria and other microorganisms Malassezia rely sebum, and timely cleaning itself can reduce colonization of microorganisms; so for those susceptible to oil the hair of friends, wash a head every day more appropriate.

Her hair must use the “silicone-free shampoo”?
This should be the most we heard slogan in the ad. There are a variety of shampoos, in recent years, very popular shampoo than the “no silicone oil shampoo”, and spread in society “silicone oil is easy to damage the hair follicle,” over time it will induce hair loss, is this really?


In fact, the so-called silicone oil is “dimethicone”, its structure is relatively stable, with good “moisturizing” role. For the modern hair care is not comprehensive, experiencing every day the wind and sun, the pursuit of beautiful people and often perm, so the outer layer of the hair cuticle can be easily damaged, then the value of silicone oil appeared, just to silicone oil and protect the role of moisture; from the current research point of view, and there is no evidence that “silicone oil can clog pores and damage the hair follicle.”

So, according to their actual lives and preferences “reliable, safe shampoo” to not have to use silicone-free shampoo, please objective look.

“Shampoo” This thing, too basic and too close to life, and ways of doing things with a scientific attitude and fly “every time I wash my head,” but points stick “a few days to wash a” problem; hope lossless your hair healthy, I want to live more and more high-quality, beautiful.

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